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Federal Organizations

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Home Page
News and Information
Plant Information Books:
Commercial Reactor Listing & Data: part 12

Note: Numerous other links within NRC exist and should be investigated for specific interests.

Department of Energy
Home Page
Energy Info Administration

Department of Labor
Home Page

Occupational Health & Safety Administration
Home Page

Department of Transportation
Home Page
General Information

US Securities & Exchange Commission
Home Page
10K filings <>

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Home Page

Environmental Protection Agency
Home Page

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Home Page

State Organizations

(Note: State Agency names differ by state. Only a generic listing can be provided here. See NARUC for a link to each state’s utility regulatory commission.)

– Health and Environmental
– Natural Resources
– Emergency Planing
– Licensing
– Law Enforcement

County/City/Local Organizations
(Note: Only a generic listing can be provided here.)

– Law Enforcement
– Fire Protection
– Health and Safety